Austin:: A few days ago we were walking home and heard the ladies making all sorts of weird noises. We walked over and a dog broke into the coop and was attacking the only chicken left in there. We got the dog out and were trying to find the other 5. we thought 1 was dead. 1 was protecting it. 1 flew into the neighbors yard and one.. well the other 2 kind of just appeared out of no where. Austin saved the day. He rounded them all up in their little loft and did a quick fix where the dog got in. I just stood there concerned and terrified to pick them up. They made it through the night and are doing great. Now when Austin walks over there all his ladies come right by him. It's quite cute and im jealous.

Me::I don't have cool stories like Austin but my last tattoo appointment is this Friday and I kind of want to do a happy dance as soon as its over. Oh and my hair has not been washed in 5 days. I can finally put it up! big accomplishments over here..

You know in Toy Story how those little green aliens say MASTERRR... this is the chickens with Austin