Austin liked the lighting here..he said these photos are artsy or something you'd see at the institute and your suppose to stare at it for a long time and come up with some deep meaning in life. One time I had a project due, we were suppose to go look at this collection that was only at the Art Institute for like a week, find a picture and recreate it. Well the only picture that was semi interesting was this one where this person was completely covered in bee's staring at the camera... with a very very blank stare. (if your cooler then me and know a lot more about art, I probably just put my foot in my mouth and its a famous picture or something) anyways... I had no clue how to create that so I might have skipped it...took the easy way out of that one. But I guess if i had to create it this would be something of the sort... maybe instead of bee's... butterflies? I have a feeling this is going to haunt me.

Now that I just waited precious seconds of your life with that story... on to really great news! We almost booked our tickets today to Georgia! Where my sister is! She is preggers and its a girl! And I just am so beyond words excited for her... with a little bit of jealously to. She is due in October and wants me to photograph her birth and take some photos of her and her hubs! I would move the whole world to be there for her. Anyways the reason I say almost is because I went to click that little purchase button and freaked out, what if she comes 2 weeks early... What if she's late! Who knows what the perfect timing is for her. So now I am on a mission to convince Austin to let me quit my job and go stay with her for the last month of her pregnancy so I don't miss a single thing!

 Tomorrow is Friday so their is a slight chance I may be more entertaining!