Dress/Vintage[(my moms].Watch/Husbands. Shoes/Nordstrom. Shirt/TJMAX. Necklace/My Moms

So last night we went to[ Ivy wild school]. We've been wanting to go for a long time and accidentally ended up there. It was pretty wonderful. We went for coffee and had coffee and beer and they totally don't go together but it worked. It was funny, we haven't been to a bar together but twice. Ya know there was all the usual peeps, old men hitting on young girls, old north enders, and fake ID'rs but this bar was classy and i'm not even sure if its considered a bar its called The Principals Office and they have coffee and drinks. click on that link to learn more about that hip place. Back to my awesome story, if you want you can click on the music below and then you might feel like you were in the moment.

So after we talked about all of our dreams Austin said... " then when we come back after a year you can get a puppy and then 2 years later have babies!" and then i said...." how about after 6 months i get   my giant puppy and then 2.5 years we have twins!" he agreed... we kissed on it and then changed our minds about 5 seconds later. See we are in this stage... this beautiful stage of being madly in love and no clue what we want. We see our future being two different ways... and when your this age..this in love..and this crazy.. 2 options is 1 too many. So we've been doing that thing when your like 10 and don't know what movie to pick.. so you put one in each hand behind your back and someone picks... and of course its the one everyone wanted least so you put it back, switch hands and repick! We do this daily.. Its kind of fun. But enough with this...

4 of these items were given to me. 1 was bought for about $12 bucks. This is what I call a steal of an outfit! A few things we learn from this post. My mom has crazy awesome style, mens watches are far better than women's and I've worn this outfit way to many times to count.

Happy Monday! I get to skip out from my usual 9-6 and second shoot another wedding with this[talented girl]