Do you like the lens cap in my back pocket? I thought it would add a nice touch to these photos. One of my favorite things to do when jeans fade out or are to big or just over all aren't working for me anymore is to cut them up. These have easily become my go to shorts for the summer. I can wear them lower and a little longer or high waisted . It also feels so good to recycle these and not pay $50+ for a new pair that I probably wont like as much. 

Does Ben Howard, James Vincent McMorrow or the Middle East ever make you sit and ponder your life? I probably over listen to them and over ponder my life a little to much. For today we'll just call it being passionate about music and life. If you would have asked me a year ago where I would be today. I most likely would have had just started crying.. a stranger just trying to be nice and bam some girl is crying to you. (that's quite hilarious now that I look back) I was really lost a year ago I had all of these big dreams and goals and expectations and just felt stuck. Over time I started to think positive. I started to see what I wanted with my life and see it happening and started to "just know it will happen" and wah-lah here I am. If only everything had to do with a wah-lah and appear right! I still breakdown and pray often. But if you would have told me a year ago I was shooting weddings with one of my favorite photographers, had a beautiful piece of art on my body, went back to school, moved a few times and was successful.... I would have slapped you for lying.

But why keep it serious. back to those shorts... because shorts are important enough to blog about right.....