[Romper] [Shoes: Similar]  Necklace c/o Claudette's Charms

So lets just talk about that 1st picture for a quick second? My 12 year old me would be proud of that pose right there. The 21 year old me is laughing. I promise I don't take myself that seriousssssly.

This post is brought to you while I'm sitting at work in very different clothes and dreaming of the day we took these. I kind of want one of these rompers in every color. It is the most comfortable thing and easy to dress up or down. The best part was it was 20 bucks. You cant go wrong with a steal like that and I'm all about the steals!

Summer goes by way to fast so we've been trying to get outside as much as possible which just is not enough time. Its crazy how these three months are the months we look forward to the most. (what happened to summer break?)Since we've been extremely busy at work and pre-occupied on our days off we have been staying up later and talking.  We were never a pillow talk type of couple.. but this past week we have been staying up and laughing so much. It was been the sweetest thing that its worth drinking a few extra cups of coffee in the morning.