I've been a vegetarian for 10 years or so. Which is a little insane for me to even say 10 years! I always get asked if I'm a vegetarian because of the fab going around and I always love their reaction when I tell people I stopped eating meat before I was 10. They act like I was deprived or that my mom made me do it. long story short. I watched my mom stuff a chicken for dinner a long long time ago and was forever disgusted and us koliopoulos are stubborn.

So when I was in high school I had this boyfriend(gasp) He use to hate the way I ate and told me how unhealthy I was. I was definitely a full time meat hating vegetarian( and very healthy ). I tried to go vegan a few times but I more in spite of  people not myself and I certainly was not a healthy vegan. I was one of those junk food vegans.. you know the ones. Barley any fresh foods but just because it doesn't have meat in it or dairy ...ya know I'm a vegan. I look back and laugh at those moments. Knowing what I know now and seeing the difference eating whole foods can do for my mind body and soul.

Fast forward a few moves and learning about a thing called balance Austin and I finally were both on the same page. We did our first Raw Cleanse and it was the best we had both ever felt in our whole lives. Eating completely raw was almost a dream to me. The energy, the sound sleep, the wholeness my body felt plus the flattest stomach I've ever had.  I thought its what I wanted forever but I struggled with my love affair for food. Cooked food. Plus I don't even know how we did it. Austin was in culinary school and I was like babe lets go raw foreverrrrrrr. Since then id like to say I ate a good 80% raw but realistically its more been like %50 which is still great butt not what I thought I wanted.

So I did some hard thinking about what I wanted and all these titles like vegan, gluten free, paleo, fruitarian and the 5 ways to say vegetarian... and I got super annoyed. I kept trying to fit myself under this label and then felt like shit when I couldn't meet my own expectations.  I know a lot about nutrition and why certain things are great for you and how we truly are what you eat. ( Have you ever seen a 60 year old raw foodist they look like they are in their 30's its quite incredible. ) I love juicing, greens, I buy fruit in bulk, I drink shots of ginger and sometimes want to "cleanse" my body way to much. But I also love me a good doughnut and slice of pizza and maybe if you left me in a room with cake and told me I would get 1 million bucks if i didn't eat it, you could possibly come back and find me licking the plate clean. Who knows. But its kind of freeing to not be under a label. I am a person who eats! I have learned whats right for my body, to be thoughtful of what I put into it. I know that I do love whole foods that make me feel, think and certainly look better. I never have to worry about my weight because I know that if im thoughtful and conscious of what im putting into this body of mine I can find the perfect balance naturally.

Anyways, thanks for venting with me, now I'm going to embrace a fun kick off the summer raw cleanse with my man!