so woke up on the wrong side of the bed. like the realllll wrong side of the bed. We kind of both did which was fine. We went on with our morning.. trying to cheer each other up. This included laying on the floor refusing to get dressed for the day and listening to[this song] on repeat. So here I am in a bad mood going to get gas before work, when me and the gas station lady made some jokes about women things. Then I get to work to find that my bad mood does not compare to all my co-workers so then I'm like here everyone take a female toner tea and I'm waving them in the air. Have you heard of that tea? Its pretty much my life saver. If you can envision that with me it was quite a morning. quiteeeeee a morning I tell ya. So on to bigger and better things.

Like this weekend, I want to convince Austin to go to the sand dunes. We took a trip to the sand dunes once. It happened to be about 4 in the morning. We pulled up. got out of the car. got back in the car. and drove away. It was a dramatic a let down. Misery at best . So maybe we will give them another go around. Or maybe we will wait and just sleep in. Today is full of maybes and Im okay with that.

Oh and happy birthday to my favorite Greek friend! She is a keeper for sure.
Peace out to a Tuesday that feels like a Monday