I'm feeling particularly cheery this morning. Maybe its because we had the very best date day yesterday. Or maybe its because we got to cuddle for an extra few minutes this morning. Or maybe its because it rains everyday here at some point.. and rain just does it for me. Speaking of rain, we happened to pull up to our dinner reservations while it was flooding yesterday and we decided to wait till it lifted a little bit. HA it only came down heavier. So we waited and then I was getting really hungry and then the best thing happened...One of the employee's walked all the way out to our car with two umbrellas and walked us inside without us even asking.It was the kindest thing OR the classiest thing. Either way, I got way spoiled yesterday.

and now for some simple life lessons.

Lesson Numero Uno. Actually Iron your clothes before you go on a hot date. I 'll put that on the category called "failing at this thing called adulthood." Which I often find myself in.

Lesson Numero Dos: When going to a 5 course meal, always always wear a flowy dress.. it is almost impossible to see a food baby under all that flow.

Lesson Numero Tres: Buy everything you possibly can in Pink. Because it really is that much more fun and when your husband grabs your bum. You know its working for ya.