YUP! you read that right... I was soooo over this past much so I welcomed Monday with open arms. I wanted to hug and squeeze Monday. This weekend just was blah. I laid on our kitchen floor and whined to Austin about how your 20's are for being confused. I'll admit it, not my greatest adult moment but sheet happens. No matter how much my husband squeezed me I was staying grumpy and that's pretty much just how it went. The best part about the weekend was eating veggie nachos  2 days in a row. Lazy cooking is the best cooking. I think ill even eat them again tonight!

Oh, do you see that necklace I'm wearing up there? It is a diffuser necklace. I think its the best invention to ever be thought up. You have a little piece of leather inside that locket (which has lots of holes in it) and you put a few drops of your essential oils on that and then it diffuses to up to 6 hours. l'm constantly sniffing mine and the oils definitely last longer that 6 hours.This one was a gift but they are super easy to make!

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