"It's the moments you can be yourself. When no one is around and all your beautiful flaws show.  When there are no expectations to be held. When you can be free. "

My company is paying for me to take this fancy class. Its kind of a continuing education class if you wanna call it that. We were taking a personality class called the color test. Long story short. I got red and yellow... which completely %100 contradict themselves. Literally one is responsible, work orientated, natural leader and decisive and the other one is care-free, unrelable, spontaneous, charismatic and sociable. I just thought it was so funny because everyone else got one color and not just missed it by one they were like wayyyy one color and of course I tied on two. Which I realized is sort of my way of doing life anyways..

on a lighter note I got 2 pairs of shoes that I have been eyeing for months for 20 bucks...all in favor of the girl who checked me out and the good lord.

on another note. While on our weekly websites visits to Restoration Hardware sale page we happened to stumble upon the artwork that they sell. Let me tell you something.. a picture no joke of a bar of soap was $7,600... This lead to Austin asking me what I need to do to become a famous artist and I responded that I needed to take myself way to seriously and then we laughed the night away.

We will chalk that up to a great day because hey we ate dinner before 8pm! Go us!