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We all have a routine. We all have Goals. I feel like these two things contradict each other most. In life, we all have places we want to go, people we want to meet, a dream job we haven't started yet. Time after time we find so many excuses or get stuck in our comfortable routines.  Something that hit me hard last week was our routine.  I realized our work driven lifestyle was sucking the life out of our souls. As dramatic as that is, it is true. We were stuck in a very boring rutt. It was quite obvious there were something we needed to cut out of our "routine". The first step in change is realizing the problem right?

During some down time instead of listing every boring  thing we did I started to name some things I have been wanting to do. Read more, like a lot more. Watch less Netflix (that $7 a month sucks you in!) build that chest and shelves we've been wanting. Go out to dinner less. Book those tickets to Greece you've been stalking. Watch the sunsets while we still can because once the fall comes it is going to be nothing but dark. Get outside in general and hike that mountain I've been wanting to. Stop making rash decisions...This is a big one.

I started getting this picture In my head of a plant growing and how it takes time and it needs weeding and nutrition and sunlight. I am the type of person who wants perfection right away. I want all my ducks in a row.. RIGHT NOW. I'm not a 5 year type of person I'm a lets cram 5 years into 1 year type of person. Now I realize all this change is a lot easier said than done. It is easy to throw down excuses and ignore the change. I have these goals plus a few written down in my desk so I can read them everyday when I get to work and remind myself the value in each day. Over time the excuses will become less and my dreams and short term goals will become a reality. Now that is going to be the day, but so will every day in between.

Oh, this is my mantra lately.  destroy the tv. destroy it.