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I thought I'd overload you with iPhone photos from our trip since I've been sharing ones of just us. I think part of what made this trip so incredible was that we didn't have a single plan or place to be on time to. No schedules or rules. It was just us.. with too much coffee, overpriced food, new beers and self timer photos.  Oh and I cant forget the jams.. because music is what makes road trips right? I'm on a big James Vincent McMorrow kick recently. I'm talking all day everyday. Austin will even pause the song for me if i'm not in the car just so we can pretend to know the words together.I could live my life that way forever. Just me and Austin and the Prius. If only money didn't matter because we would be on the road forever. This trip put our dreams into perspective and brought us back more refreshed with a goal in mind. I'm so thankful for moments like these.