Okay so maybe the title of this post shouldn't be unfancy. But I'm loving this new style that is casual on top and a bit more dressed up on the bottom. Also i'm loving how I can go from dressed up work clothes to changing my shirt to a more casual look. This is my new favorite skirt and tshirt... whoop!! I've never been a tshirt kind of girl. but this one... this one is like the mother of boyfriend tshirts. and I'm gonna wear it like a security blanket...

On a more exciting note. We go to Chicago in less than a month. I am going to rub my sisters preggo belly at least a thousand times! maybe more! I also get to take her maternity photos and they are going to be dreamy! Plus spend about every waking second soaking up our family time... ah beloved family time. We miss our families so much. Its going to be so weird walking around our old stomping grounds in the city I'm probably going to get real sentimental over it. annnd if you are a long time follower I might even get to see my baby RHINO king! who I'm sure Is gigantic by now.

Happy Tuesday friends!