Yeah, It's true I'm officially moving on up in the hair world. With a billion bobby pins to help I now can rock that bun on top of my head look. Maybe ill even get a little crazy and braid it up the back.  But who really knows... the possibilities are endless. On a side note: When my sweet husband first saw my hair in a bun his exact words were " ohhh shit its getting serious in here" Now every time since, he makes sure to make a sweet comment and say " whats that on top of your head" with a silly smile. He's a goof but a supportive goof!

Since we are on the subject of that man of mine, 

He's also been dealing with allergies that turned into something worse. So I've been overwhelming him with tea, essential oils, garlic, honey and just about anything else I think of. He even ate a coconut and all the coconut water from two coconuts but a thing called sleep just wasn't happening. He hasn't slept in about 3 days and we will combine all the hours of sleep that I got into possibly 1 night of sleep over the past 3 days.(poor guy and me! ) So last night it was time for a 4am run to the nearest Walgreen's. I know, I know NyQuil is the devil. But you gotta do what you gotta do at 4am. At least I found one that was dye free. One day I'm hoping to never have to use that junk. Any suggestions?

Anyways, you can find us recovering with 4 Redbox movies and a whole lot of essential oil smells. Happy Hump Day! I sure hope you are enjoying the end of summer or what I like to say "welcoming in fall" without the sniffles!