Shorts:F21/Booties:F21/Shirt:H&M/Hat:Antique Store/Copper Necklaces:DIY

Rainy days.. especially this summer are good for my soul. To me they are the most romantic days, it just kills me when I have to work and its raining. There should be a law for that ya know...like when it rains go home to your husband and watch movies or take a walk in that rain or go on a coffee date because it will just be the best.

Anyways, on this particular rainy day we got locked out of the house on the way to breakfast but we were are first time offenders of that.. so it all worked out.  Oh,  there was a snake sitting outside my front door and I about died. I can still see its eyes staring me down. It slithered back under our house so we can officially rule out leaving our front door open for that fall breeze ever again! Then we finally made it to the The Penny Arcade...It's been open since the 1950's and its such a fun date spot. We are obsessed with the galaga game, the horse racing game and of course skee ball. Manitou also has an amazing antique shop which is way overpriced. After being in and out of there for years we finally made our first purchase. This hat..which has nothing antique about it but I just H-AAA-D to have it for our upcoming trip right? And what better place to take blog pictures than in my favorite green house full of cacti? Nothing better. 

I could go on about rainy days but ill save you the rant and end with some quality iPhone photos!
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