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The last bit of summer has been spent working, cooking and taking naps. Last week or so we took a trip to Chicago and it went by too fast. Since being back we are in full swing, working way too many hours a day. But there is a crisp breeze every morning and night and I'll be the millionth girl to say that fall is almost here and every person except my mother is in love with fall. It's kind of sad how my own husband knows that I'm an all around happier person as soon as hints of fall come rolling in. Even though we live in Colorado and this cold front is probably tricking me, I am ready for a new season. Summer has been a enjoyable yet weird season. One that went by too fast and never felt quite real in the moment. It was a rainy season (not complaining) and a "work to hard what are we doing with our lives season?" Now at the end of it we are living a little bit more balanced and facing new and fun opportunities. Life has a funny way of changing, It's always too slow when you want it to be over and always too fast when you want to re-live a moment everyday. We are doing our best to stay focused on our goals and not get to carried around in the word "busy" ..ya know.. its all about perspective! Ha.

On a lighter note. me and Austin have been talking about wanting to add more years to our 20's Because we want to re-sing that Taylor swift song 22 our whole lives....

I've made this[recipie]5 times since last Wednesday.  But really guys, so delicious, filling and takes no time. Try it! 

and lastly, I'm thankful for our landlords who threw a party and texted us to come get the left over keg and wine  If you haven't read all my little hints about our landlords. They are seriously some of the best around.
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