Hey guys! Happy Monday.. I wanted to welcome you to my ever so luxurious alley way! It's Where I'm pretty sure I lost my car keys somewhere between here and the street but thats a different story.. Every night we walk up this alley way we talk about what we would do if we saw a bear. Austin mostly says he would push me down and run... he's such a keeper that man of mine! Anyways on with the picture talk.

Everyone probably has some type of clothes uniform whether they realize it or not. This summer this has been my "go to uniform" without even realizing it I have put this on countless times.We have a new favorite coffee place that we've been to quite a bit lately and I'm pretty sure every time I have worn this.. Those workers there are probably like.... so that girl really likes her Komodosss (as Austin calls them) or they probably haven't even noticed and its all in my head.  But when your husband says...are you gonna wear that again? you know you have a love affair going on.. I find myself putting this on when I get home from my busy day, it makes me feel like I live on an island.  Island life makes everyone happy right? This is where my daydreams have been lately. We go to Chicago in 2 days and then Mexico shortly after and we are already talking about whats after that!
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