Even  though I've told everyone I've come across this story I will repeat it here..because the dramaaaa... On Friday I was putting on a shirt and a spider came out of it and then about 8 hours later I came home and our friend the devil snake sitting on our door mat just waiting for me . Our neighbor boys came to the rescue they are 4,6,8 & 10 and the sweetest little heroes ever.... and we are bug bombing our house. Seriously though, what is the universe trying to say to me? 

My husband can sew . where did that come from?

Free Peoples new shoe line is making me drool. Those clogs.

I want to make this diy and this one

I'm making this for dinner tonight.

I want Austin to make a low shelf like this one.

This song has been on repeat in our house.

If you read anything from this post.you must read these. One. Two. They are going up on my walls!

I have 2 days of work. 2 days of shooting and then I am home free to that glorious beach in Mexico!
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