Jeans/Old Shirt/Free People Vest/ JCP Shoes/F21
Happy Monday! Isn't this few incredible? The other day we drove up to Estes Park to start off our fall mountain drives. What's better than a National Park, Ben Howard and some heights? Nothing! So on the way up we stopped to take some photos and I found this piece of wood! Which let me explain... It's not just a stick. This is drift wood!!! In the mountains?!??? I claimed it mine and pulled up the diy I've been eyeing. It pretty much made my whole entire day. You know besides the fact that I got to spend every second with my main squeeze. We had a blast and at the very end we saw a bunch of elk. Do you know that elk make the craziest of noises? We were trying to mock them the rest of the night and it kept us laughing the long ride home.   
Those views though...IMG_1866We also packed up the car and we were going to sleep under the stars ( in the car). I was so excited. Buttttttt when nightfall hit it felt so eerie and we weren't prepared so we drove back home. During the day I'm all like Austin lets move here and nightfall hits and I get creeped out and want to go home. Something about those mountain towns... I know I know I'm crazy . 
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