Sweater:JCP/ Shorts:F21/Shoes:Thrifted/Jewlery:Random

This morning had an extra crisp in the air and a few fallen leaves on the ground yet we are still dealing with the devil snake outside our house? I thought snakes die when it gets cold out? We went for a walk this morning and I was convincing Austin how this is going to be the next best 6 months of our lives and how it's only going to get better and better. Ya know I feel it deep down in my soul. Its something more than the fact that there's something about fall that makes everyone a little bit more passionate and happy. It goes deeper than that... I laugh at how silly I am about it. Like I get reallll inspired this time of year. As much as a season shouldn't drastically change your life it has quite the impact on me. Anyways this is what I'm wearing these days to transition into this beautiful season.. Cozy sweaters, shorts on some nights and those bad ass shoes.^^ I got for $6 bucks. I was looking at these shoes super similar online that were going for over $100. I about died in the thrift store when I saw them and have not taken them off. Its that favorrr.