Are you ready for a lengthy one?? I could probably turn this into two. So this wont be for the faint of heart. 

Mexicooo was unbelievable. From getting upgraded to first class right off the bat to every laugh, cry and ray of sun we soaked up. We had such a fun time, A seriously needed fun time. I definitely missed blogging and I want to remember every second of that trip. Its what ill be holding onto until we figure out our next really big travel planssss that I cant share yet. ( the suspense right.. I'm so awful) anyways being in Mexico was what just a glimpse of what working together will be like. I absolutely can not wait for the day till we can work together side by side and put our skills together. But back to Mexico and all of its humid glory. I'm pretty sure the moment we got back to Colorado my skin cracked and peeled away. Okay but really back to it. We met some really great people almost everyone there spoke only Italian and Spanish and about %5 of them spoke English so it was really fun looking like a fool trying to communicate back and forth. Austins Spanish is pretty great. Wayyy better than he says it is. He actually amazes me. But me on the other hand... all of them thought I was Spanish because I am about the color of our hardwood floors and I would just give a little nervous laugh and smile.... and speak English and then they'd realize. We also met some really great friends from Quebec. They go by the Quebecer's... love them seriously. They were teaching us french and some of the most friendly people around. I think maybe that should be our next move... who knows. Are you realizing I'm all over the place yet?

On to pictures so we can make more sense... my camera kept fogging up so these are all top of the line IPhone photos..
This is what I call the Four Christmas pose and drinking is free in First Class...
We are gonna kick it off here with the lovely snaps of elevator selfie.  I think I've mastered the Kim Kardashian look here aye?
The elevator clearly was pretty humid.
 I get real excited for breakfast... like real excited.
We used all natural sunscreen the whole trip and I was overly impressed at how great it turned out. This brand was my absolute favorite. Austin only got burnt because he forgot to put it on.. so this is him suffering...
Everyday all day...
Some of my fav's ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Our Quebecer's!!! Like I said, they were so fun!
At this point on the right I was pretty sick and miserable. but it passedIMG_9286
The first coconut which sorta sucked. Austins getting tricky with his photo skills.
So while we in Mexico I wanted to have a coconut everyday but you have to pay for them. So I was determined to find one even if I had to climb a tree and grab one. The one we paid for wasn't that delicious so I had high hopes for the ones in the tree's. On the last day literally as we were about to walk back to our room I found one on the ground. I was so excited I cracked it on a rock.. like a monkey would.. and the water wasn't even that good. We eat coconuts all the time here but I guess the ones in Mexico were just a little different. Anyways I got to eat a ton of fruit on this trip and I felt amazing almost the whole time. Eating Raw on and off this past year has really paid off.
The tide pools were really fun to walk around. If you would have fallen on that rock though.. I'm convinced you would have died.
The last elevator selfie to go along with one of the worst days of travel we ever had but that story isn't as fun.
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