If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my tiny little rant about being Brave in this world. I thought I might as well share a little rant on here as well. This past year and a half has been a time to conquer my own self-doubt. I've been faced with many many awkward and nerve-racking situations, ones that in the past I straight up tried to avoid. In this past year I couldn't avoid some situations. I had to face them right on and had to breathe through them. eeeeek..

When your a little kid you know how you want your life to end up. You think you're going to be a _____ and there its settled. I think a lot of people struggle with the question "what am I going to do in life"? I wanted so many things and then that want became a "have to". You have to work.. even if you don't like it. So this process over the past few years has been me weening out what I thought I wanted,  what I must do and what I want to do in the future. This is why Austin and I always joke about wanting more time in our 20's because we've spent the first few years of it straight up confused. I'm assuming that our 30's we'll be real sophisticated and stuff Right??

So this past week some things came up that were very unfair. Taking my emotions out of it they were still very unfair and didn't make sense to me. So I asked some in depth questions. Without getting to much into the drama I got in a lot of trouble for questioning something that didn't seem right. I was told I was aggressive, too strong willed and to much to handle. Through this there was some serious talks and I felt like I was being bullied into doing something that didn't seem fair. I felt Brave for standing up for  myself and a few others who had questions as well.  I felt Brave to try and make a point and risk it. I felt Brave that I was able to not cry (until later) . I felt Brave for having a voice and my own opinion. Even though things did not turn out how I had hoped I am nothing but proud of myself for being Brave and still voicing my opinion in a loving way.

This life is so short and this world can be harsh. I can't see another way than to live my life fully for what I believe in, for what is right, fair and true. I can't see any other way to live life than to go after my dreams and go after what I love. This life is short and I will live it with a passion. I often get mistaken for being "too aggressive, too strong willed and to much to handle" because I am a passionate person with a mission to love people for who they are and show them love in return. I have strong opinions and a strong heart. That is something that I won't be embarrassed by. This is something that I won't let anyone make me feel bad for.

Anyways, When I grow up I want to live on a beach and drink umbrella drinks everyday.........

This is a little bit more of a personal post. So if you read it all the way through, thanks!
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