Shirt/F21 Pants/JCP Sweater/Thrift Shoes/F21 Pony tail c/o my bedroom floor.

1. I'm failing at adulthood once again with all that ironing crap. See here.

2. The other night Austin had a genius idea for me to cut his hair.... and I was all like hmm.. I don't think that's a good idea! He was like you can do it I know you can! (isn't that sweet?) Then I cut his hair and made him look like one of the 3 stooges and my favorite girl Brandi had to come to our rescue at 8am the next day. I couldn't stop laughing and we might have got into an argument. But everyone gets a bad hair cut at least once in their life right? Ive had 3... but I'm not normal. I have a whole new respect for razors.

3. Happy October! I want to celebrate with wine parties and road trips to go see my new sweet niece who is due at any moment. October may just become my favorite month besides the birthday months!

4. This is my neighbors fence. This neighbor likes to double park their car so we can never find a spot. This neighbor doesn't like us and Its my goal to make them like us. Taking pictures by their fence probably isn't the best idea to get off on the right foot... but when you find your new favorite pair of jeans that you don't ever want to take off... that trumps crabby neighbors.