Ive been talking about homemade toothpaste for like 3 years now. I use to make it back when I was in school and I really don't understand why I stopped... maybe i got to busy?? But I'm done being "busy" and since being back from vacation i have taken a little extra time for myself and projects Ive been wanting to do for our home and health. Normal toothpaste... I wont rant ... but do some research.. it is not good for anyone to consume. We have been using alternative "safe" brands but they can tend to be a bit expensive and when you break it down toothpaste is so easy to make! I used the simplest ingredients for this one but you can get more in depth if that's your thing. I changed the recipe of course in order to make more but this is a great starter.

6 tbs baking soda;
2 tbs warm coconut oil
1/2 tsp sea salt ( I left the salt our because the baking soda gives it a salty flavor)
10-20 drops essential oil. (to taste) I used Thieves, Tea Tree and Peppermint all by Young Living. I recommend mixing two tops but I always go a little over the top when it comes to oils..

I mixed all the ingredients in the jar I wanted to keep it in.
This recipe is great as well. She uses Aloe Vera Gel and it makes it a better texture. HERE