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I was going to call this post " its now socially acceptable to dress up pajama pants and wear them public" and then I did what mature adults do best and put on my big girl pants for the day.  This past week I have been busy editing photos of a sweet family session and re-doing the portfolio page over there to your right ^^ (still haven't updated that so don't get excited) along with meeting up with my favorite girlfriends since its been forever that I have had "timmeeee" to do anything fun with my favorite girls. It's crazy how much life changes after college and it just keeps changing and getting better as we all go.

So a few days ago I got put in this really funny, slightly awkward situation and I was texting Austin to help me through it  because.. it was just one of those situations you are like "how the heck did this just husband will know what to say" and he just kept quoting The Office and making me laugh. We compare our life to The Office way to often. I always take screen shots of them and I'm going to save them and print them all out one day and have a shrine of Office quotes on my wall leading up to our bedroom. So long story short he didn't actually help me lol. Cute? Cute!

But onto these pictures, I've been trying to do different things with my hair since I went a little overboard with being able to pull my hair up in a bun. I've been trying my hardest to braid a crown braid and every time its like a life shattering failure. I spent an hour trying and gave up. but this look, this I can do. This whole punk rocker glam girl... my inner self is screaming this look all the time.
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