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Happy Friday! I'm getting back into the swing of things over here. I was gone for 6 days and somehow fall has come in full force. Every single tree has changed! So onto it...before my sister had her baby we went thrift shopping for hours. I forgot how much fun I have thrifting when you have someone to experience it with. Our cart would be full, then empty, then over the top and she made me try on all of her clothes because she was about to pop with baby. We went a little crazy but gosh it was so so much fun. I'm convinced that's what put her in labor! My prized possession thrifting was this skirt! It's my golden egg I guess you could say...This skirt was $1.50 and its one I've been dreaming about my whole life! (the dramaaa) It has buttons down the back and such quality material. I saw it and was like yup even if it doesn't fit I'm keeping it forever!  I had originally wore this on the airplane because I was making a pit stop in Chicago and you just have to dress up when making an appearance in Chicago right? (That should be in a book of life lessons) but I changed because it was so rainy and thank God because I ended up running through the airport to go see my mom for 2 seconds and then right back onto a plane to go see my husband! 

It's so nice to be back home. Being away always makes me that much more thankful for everything that I do have here. Last night me and Austin went on a date to Lowes, yes Lowes. We roamed the store for appliances and flooring we even found a washing machine I could fit inside of. That guy and those moments are my favorite.
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