So I use to be one of those people who thought I had to wash my hair everyday. Then I decided I was ruining my hair and wanted to try not washing it for a while. I knew I had to train my hair that it wouldn't be the easiest thing in the world but once I got past the first week and a little dry shampoo I was golden. I also changed my shampoo and conditioner to organic which helped a lot (thinking about going shape-less anyways) Not only do I love not having to wash my hair all the time, going a few days in-between washes gives your hair a chance to hang onto its natural oils. Which lets be honest, I think everyone could use a little extra oil now and then. 

Here are a few photos from my 5 days without washing.
Day One: This day is my easiest. This time around I had so much static which means I added a little dry oil to my end which isn't exactly the best idea to try and help your hair last a week but i can't stand that static. Over all a pretty boring easy day. I try my hardest not to touch my hair... but that never usually lasts.
Day Two: Without fail day two makes me want to chop of my hair any time it rolls around. Throw in static and I want to shave my head. But usually if my hair isn't already curly I curl a few pieces and just let it be. Curls hide everything.
Day Three: Day 3 is my absolute favorite. I always twist it, braid it whatever the more the merrier. I like my hair messy so this day and me and total best friends.
Day Four: Day four is usually just as great as day three. I happened to not only just wake up late this day but I also I had a wedding to second shoot for and had to take photos for a different project coming up so I messily pinned it up and just let it be. I actually ended up wearing it half down half up later in the day because of the wind. But over all not that shabby.
hair5 Day Five: Completely effortless. I don't know if I can even consider this a top knot because its more like a jasmine bun. I braided the back and threw it up. Easy enough though, right?

There you have it 5 days of no washing. I've made is 7 before but that was me just being lazy. If you have any other amazing tips you've learned along the way, please do share!
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