Jeans/H&M men's Shirt/F21 Shoes/Old
You love em, You hate em. ( my husband hates them) But I have a secret when it comes to them. These are actually  jeans that I bought in the men's section. I have a hard time finding boyfriend jeans in the women's department not to mention they aren't the most flattering for my body type. I am all about that comfort though and these these bad boys I found a few years ago at H&M and fell in love, mostly with the comfort. I loved them well, then passed them onto a friend who let me borrow them back since I've been feeling them lately especially for running errands when you're not feeling that into getting dressed. We took these photos yesterday and it went from 60 and sunny to 45 degree's within minutes and then all the way down to 15 within a few hours. . So we were freezing but loving it. There is so much snow on the ground!  I have a lot I'm working on behind the scenes over here that I haven't got to share yet. I'm praying and believing for some big things and self doubt is my biggest enemy. Any else fight with self- doubt? It's such a silly little thing. But all that said ill be in my bed with some tea and finally creating some sort of visual display of all of our goals.
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