Pattern Play::

Boots/F21 Pants/Lucky Brand T-shirt/ One Clothing Vest/TJ max (best find yet)
Funny word right...Pattern Play. But who doesn't love to dress up camo with a little feminine vibe. I love to take items that can come off a little manly and play my own spin on them. Does anyone else ever get super annoying static hair when the seasons change? It's like one day your combing your hair and the static kicks in and you are fighting with it all winter long. So I'm fighting back with not washing it .. ya know the hipster way to win a war.

and now a random story for your Monday,

I was in the grocery store the other day and while walking out the guy who was bagging the groceries stopped and asked me what my one wish in the whole world to be. I was super caught off guard so I just blurted something out. His response was simply oh really? in a slight judgmental tone and that was it. Here I was thinking this guy was about to grant my one blurted out one wish answer and that's all I got.

So note to self. when someone asks you your one wish.. just stick to " world peace" and maybe you'll get a better reaction.

Is anyone else ready for the cold front we are about to get. Bring on the lazy sweaters and the snow. I want to put up our very first Christmas tree already!
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