These things only happen::

So I happened to have a meeting today. I was a little nervous about it but kind of excited. I had to take my husbands car but that's okay.. because its fancy and fancy cars and meetings mix well together. I drove sort of into the mountains. I get to my meeting, It goes great. I left a little on cloud nine. I go to back out and completely get stuck in the snow. So then they had to come help me shovel my car out of the snow. I'm convinced these things only happen to me. But all you can do is laugh right? And you can never go wrong with pleather and fake glasses to look like you know what your doing. I will admit I'm guilty of wearing fake glasses just to cover my eyebrows that need some attending to but thats what fake glasses are for these days... and that glare they give off is extra sexy.. 

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy your weekend. I'm hoping we cut down our tree this weekend! 
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