Austin,  The day I met you I knew I had to have you forever. The day you asked me to marry you was the day my dreams came true. There are so many words, but never quite enough to describe you. I am constantly reminded that you are the best decision of my life in the little things and the big things. Your love is loud and you love with everything you have. Thank you for making me feel like I'm the center of your world no matter how many things are on your mind or your crazy lists of things to achieve, you always put me first. You always surprise me and dance with me. You laugh at my silly jokes and you pick me up when I'm a mess. You are kind when I loose the keys to our car and gentle when I spill drinks like everyday. You are the adventure to my soul and I am so happy that I get to keep you forever and ever. Thank you for being mine. Twenty Four fits you well.
Stephanie Pollock2 Comments