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Winter is near because last week we were in full blown winter and this week we are back in the 40's.  Onto these pictures though because you guys, Knee Highs! They are rocking my world these days. They have officially replaced all my tights in my closet. I feel like I can wear summer clothes all winter long and still be just as extremely comfortable without the tolerance of tights. Do yourself a favor and go get a pair... it will change your life. Because life is about the simple things!

but onto a story because that's why you really come here..

The other day I was babysitting and it was about 10 degrees out. I remembered I forgot to shut the chicken coop and I had put it off all night because 1. It so was cold and 2: I am still afraid of the dark at this age. So I'm like okay Steph... you really have to go shut that chicken coop ( I talk to myself all the time... its normal)  So I gear up all my bravery and a flashlight and go out to shut the dang coop and as soon as I shut the door behind me I realize I locked myself out of the house. What do you do when you are locked out of the house in the freezing cold with the dog and there is no spare key because I used the spare key and didn't put it back. You call your husband to come pull up the car and sit and wait until you can do something about it. You possibly invite the dog in the car as well because its just to cold outside. That my friends is a world class babysitter.

On another note, I ordered our first thanksgiving turkey ever. I don't go near meat I think its disgusting. I'm constantly on the verge of being a raw vegan... but that my emotions get involved and I'm all I need cheese. But back to it, I ordered our first turkey since we are hosting it at our house this year. It will be the very first time we have a house and are hosting our first holiday,  pretty much all my husbands chef's dreams are coming true. This truly is the best time of year dontcha think?
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