TREEEEEE Yesterday we went on a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. It wasn't just any Christmas tree, it was our very first Christmas tree together! I learned two things.  One I really am drawn to small little dwarfs tree's. Two Austin is a champion at picking giant tree's.
 ^^ I thought these one were "so cute and small." Austin the pro tree hunter said that when we saw the one we would just know and these were not it.
Here it is in all of its 30 is feet glory. ^ the giant one! I'm pretty sure he was growing just for us and knew we were coming. His name is Burt.
 Look at how easy he made that look? 
This is right after he cut it down and it was about 14ish feet and then we had to trim it once we got home. I say "we" but I really mean Austin did everything, I was the moral support.
There it is! In all of its glory. We hung out stockings and put our presents under the tree and then took about 60 selfies. Because you guys... First Christmas tree's must be documented! Now lets see if we are able to keep our presents a secret this year.
Stephanie Pollock2 Comments