Everything is going to be ALL-WHITE + some words about being yourself.

 Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Mine was pretty fantastic. I got some awesome news on Saturday.. (no I'm not pregnant) just exciting news for my business and it happened to be while we were at my favorite place in the world. Whole Foods...that atmosphere gets me. My cute hubs tried to get on the speaker and give me a shout out because he's so romantic like that but that shifty said no. I was slightly embarrassed slightly goo-goo eyes over him. We also got to cook for a bunch of people on Saturday morning. He was the Chef because if you forgot he did go to culinary school and I was his sous chef. I kept telling everyone that our restaurant was opening soon and we got some pretty great support. Now even though that soon may be like in 10 years ya know.. its coming. keep an eye out ;). 

Anyone ever get in an outfit rut? I do this often with most things in my life. I find something I love and then over wear it. Like if you follow me on Instagram you will find that I have eaten 2 ice cream sandwiches every day for a few days straight. Or if you saw me on the regular you would see that I often wear black skinnies a grey sweater and as of late a beanie on my head. Maybe I like that my husband calls me a thug, maybe I just like to hide my greasey hair underneath. Either way my point is I get obsessed with one thing and wear it out. My whole life I've always thought this was a bad habit. That I had to be diverse, I had to be different and I had to spice it up. Even though I do like to stand out sometimes, I'm starting to realize whats my style and what it isn't. I've started accepting myself for who I am and what I like. I'm not saying you should eat ice cream sandwiches every night for dinner and I'm not solely just talking about clothes here either. I am saying that in life we often as humans feel like we have to compete to "be" skinner, better, more stylish, be like her or him .. the list goes on. I just want to remind you while your probably getting your new year resolutions together to just "be you". This Last week I have looked back on situations and started to get anxious and simply said " I'm okay with who I am" and all that anxiety and embarrassment went away. So this next year I think my word or phrase will be to just "be me" I have a few goals I am hoping to accomplish but in the midst of them I know I can have peace and be me.

now these picture have nothing to do with this post ;)
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