Jumpsuit/F21 Belt/H&M

Happy belated thanksgiving you guys! I've been a little MIA lately because I was busy planning the biggest surprise ever. My mom and dad came into town for thanksgiving and I managed to pull off having both of my brothers come in and surprise them so we could all be together! I am the absolute worst at surprises.. its not that I don't like them its just that I get so excited about them I just have to open my mouth and share it to the world. We have the funniest video of my mom freaking out when she saw them walk in the door. She was just yelling was the greatest. We had the best Thanksgiving. Austin cooked everything and he barely let anyone help! He made fancy prosciutto  sandwiches and mushroom bruschetta for an appetizer. For dinner he made double baked ginger sweet potatoes a turkey, a ham, regular potatoes, corn bread and a cauliflower dish. He did let me make the tempura green beans and cranberry sauce but he seriously blew all of us away. I usually hate Thanksgiving food but he used all fresh ingredients and I just couldn't be more proud. He pulled off the most delicious Thanksgiving I've ever had and I'm not just saying that because he buys me nice things ;) .

Anyways. Usually my family dresses up for Thanksgiving and usually we are in comfy clothes for Austin's family so even tho I would have loved if we would have all dressed up everyone was traveling that day and I knew we would all just want to be relaxed. So I pulled out this jumpsuit I've been dying to wear and boy do I regret that. My family had a great time making jokes all day about me being a mechanic and a pilot and asking "when I get off work" It was really funny. I actually really love this baby... it isn't as purple in person.. and it is comfy and stylish. So I think I can endure the jokes because fashion isn't about what other people love its about what you feel great in right!

^^ when your table is to full with food for decorations! I really need to get better at snapping photos of the parties we have. I get so distracted that I forget to pick up my camera!
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