Four Gifts that keep on giving.

Can you believe Christmas is tomorrow? My heart just might explode. Even though we are both missing our families dearly this year we are excited to start a few new traditions.  Here are a four tips (because I couldn't think of five) that keep on giving even after the holidays.

1.Tip your Barista's
 We all are obsessed with coffee. Being a barista is a tough job sometimes. I was one for years and people are picky with their coffee. Be the smiling face and be generous with your tip or even throw your extra change in the tip jar. This will seriously make their day and your coffee will probably even taste better ;).

2. Be Polite/Retail workers
Besides UPS/FedEx they work the hardest this season and not to mention people are not always the nicest when something is sold out. Try being extra nice to your retail workers. Give a genuine Thank you. Hey, even hand out a $5 dollar gift card while your out to who's checking you out. It will blow their mind.

3. Take more photos
As silly as that sounds because everyone is always on their phone take more photos. While everyone loves to Instagram their food and make everything look so pretty. Try taking some photos with loved ones, you could use Afterlight and send them as postcards for $1.00. I personally love getting mail and this is a little tradition me and my brother started doing. We snap super simple photos and send them as post cards just saying hi!

4. Write Thank You Cards
This is something I am horrible about. (sorry family) This year I want to be more personal and send out Thank You cards more often. Like I said, most everyone loves to get mail and what better than a simple thank you card waiting in the mailbox when you get home.
Stephanie PollockComment