PART 1 ::

Dress/Macy's Scarf/Random boutique (similar)Socks/H&M Shoes/Target

Happy Monday! Today I'm loving Monday because I'm picking up my sweet hubs from the airport tonight. This past weekend I had a million things to do and ended up getting some sort of 24hr flu which rarely happens to me. I was pretty annoyed and exhausted but my old roomates/besties came over to keep me company. So I hope your weekend was better than mine!

First, I'd like to say that I am way un-cool to have a sleeve. I walk into the tattoo shop nervous all the time because I am too girly and awkward to be in a tattoo shop, right?!Austin has to calm me down every time.. It's like I'm a kid not wanting to go to school lol. Yeah.. I'm a dork. But anyways I have always loved to mix things up when it comes to fashion. My favorite it mixing girly with a little bit of a "grunge" or "edgy" look. Since I would define my style as ... everything ...I thought it would be fun to share how i like to dress my skulls with a feminine touch in 2 parts.

Part 1: a dress and thigh highs pretty much scream girly throw in a skull scarf and some mini heels and wha-la you are girly with a little bit of bad ass.

Also we're going to get real serious on this blog and talk about weather! This has been the warmest December ever . The sun is out every day it is filled with 60 degree weather and a few random days of snow. At 4:30 am on the way to the airport it was 52 outside... in December. I hope you realize how crazy that is! I'm not complaining but I sure hope there is snow on Christmas!
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