Jacket/F21 Sweater/Thrift Leggings/Khols Hat/Socks=Husbands Shoes/Old

It's almost Friday which means it's almost next week!! Which means it's pretty much almost christmassss.. See what I did there? We woke up to the weather feeling a lot more like December today! I was pretty excited because I just got this massive turtle neck sweater thing for a whomping 3 bucks and I've been dying for cold enough weather to be all cozy in it.

I'm not really into turtle necks and I usually never ever buy any shade or look alike in purple. But 3 dollars kind of stole my heart and even tho I look white as a ghost up there this sweater is a keeper. Speaking of colors, we all have a certain color that makes us look like a million bucks. Purple is not mine. Pink yes, purple no. Orange yes, red no. Green yes blue, not so much. Now even tho I may still wear these colors I know in my head when I'm in a rush ... "That red shirt I'm probably gonna take off and throw on the ground but that green one I know I'll like right away Soo... The green one it is" The perks to know what works for you will change yo life and your floor! 

What's your color ?aka the color you know will turn heads. ;)
Stephanie Pollock2 Comments