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Happy Monday! We were in Denver this past weekend attending a conference and it was a bit tiring. Taking in hours upon hours of information.. I felt like I was in school again wanting to pass notes and stuff. But two things were cool while we were there besides the conference. The Broncos were staying at the same hotel as us and my friend Brandi and I were in the elevator with one of them and we were soooooo awkward. Normal people would know who he was and ask him for a selfie and we definitely stood in one corner super awkward trying not to freak out. Austin saw a few others and then apparently some other people shared the elevator with Peyton Manning and I'm sure they were way less awkward that our experience with the mystery player. Kinda cool right? 

The second cool thing that happened this weekend was...I successfully ate fully raw while out of town! This is something I have been asked on Instagram and Facebook how to do. The truth was besides eating raw on accident in Mexico I've never gone out of town and tried it. So I'm really excited to share how easy it was tomorrow on the blog! First, I wanted to share a few tips on how to stay committed to your new resolutions or goals. 


Preparation is Key

There has been so many times in the past when I have not been prepared and failed myself  so frustrated because if I would have been prepared my life/attitude that day would have been a lot easier. If your eating differently don't be afraid to bring your food out to eat or ask to go somewhere that you can enjoy as well. We never want to offend people but majority of the time your not going to offend anyone. If they make fun of you for what your doing, know that your the one actually doing something and people make fun of others because they are jealous. Just be you! If your goals are working out and you have to wake up early. Try to have a friend or a family member who wakes up early call you and help you get out of bed. A buddy system makes you accountable and even if you don't have one take a second and write a list on how to keep yourself accountable. 


Be gentle with yourself

 It's okay to fail. If your morning doesn't go just right and you aren't able to prep. Give yourself grace. Realize how to make tomorrow better and jump back on the band wagon.  Gosh.. I'm the latest person in the world and I have figured out how to do it! You can do it!


 Get Creative

 I'm talking about food and working out because usually it is what most every ones resolutions are. But get creative with whatever your doing. I for one am so excited about experimenting with "nice cream" , gazpacho ( cold raw, soups) and raw cashew cheese! The best part is I'm still in the kitchen experimenting and testing them out on my cute hubs! Find a blogger who is an expert at what your trying to accomplish and modify some of her ideas to your own life. 


Stay Strong. 

You guys, I'm learning a huge lesson by eating raw. Not only am I being disciplined I am realizing what I NEED and what I  WANT. This is a lesson I've been trying to learn my whole life and on accident I am. I use to get super annoyed and angry when their was something that I wanted but couldn't get. I'm a bit embarrassed looking back seeing how annoyed I got. Now there is stuff that I straight up just CANT have and that I really want and I have to tell myself no and get over it. So this tip is to simply 

stay strong

. Tell yourself no and move on with a positive attitude. I'm not gonna lie, I still have moments and I just take a minute and try and get over it. You can totally succeed at telling yourself no, I'm going to stick to my goals and follow through.


Make it up

When all else fails make it up. These are your resolutions after all. If you can't figure out something or your having a super super hard time meeting an expectation you put on yourself, change it! Give yourself room to grow and improve tying all of these methods together. Don't ever feel ashamed if you have to change your goal. It is after all your life.

* pictures not taken in Denver.

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