A lot Like Love

Today I'm Channeling my inner Amanda Peet. Well not just any Amanda Peet specifically from the movie A lot Like Love. Which so happens to be my favorite movie of ALL time. She's just so early 2000's in that movie. ( you can make fun of me for saying that) Her style is pretty simple almost tom-boyish but she's all like " I just threw on clothes and look perfectly sexy" the whole movie. It could because I'm wearing jeans and a tank top and I never wear jeans anymore but I just was feeling it today. Also these shoes, you need to run to your nearest target and pick them up for dirt cheap. Nordstrom sells them and they are way better quality and like $100 but if you go to target you can get them for way less quality and money and that makes your bank account and husband happy! Now do yourself a favor and go watch A lot like Love on amazon prime and eat Chinese takeout for me.

xoxo ( a hundred heart eye emojis )

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