Colorado is playing tricks on us. Giving us 50 + degree weather and such so I thought I'd share how I'm wearing two of my rompers with a few extra layers.
1. Throw a sweater over it. Underneath is a halter/backless romper.
 A light Sweater + belt + gloomy day. = total success don't even need a real bra. can you say comfort?
I actually ended up throwing on a beanie and it made this all look less 90's because...those pleats.
(I've been watching friends a little to much)
2. Knee Highs + printed Cardigan. Usually I am a tights girl, but this winter I'm all about those Knee highs. I tossed this on to go location scouting and rocked my bed head hair the rest of the day.

Is anyone else craving warmer weather? We booked our tickets to California in March and it couldn't come sooner.
Stephanie PollockComment