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ordstroms Sweater/F21

I'm a sucker for anything cape-ish ( is that a word?). In another life I must been a super hero because anytime I go in a store I end up on the rack with all of the cape looking clothes. ( all the super hero's with capes usually die but we are gonna ignore that) when I'm in the fitting room I'm all like.. bring on getting stuck in the door and stepping on yourself. Bring it on world because I'm taking this home with me. Then when I go to wear it my husband comes home on lunch and flirts with me because he likes capes to! He doesn't like these rocking boots but he likes capes... you win some you loose some but id say to everyone say yes to the cape because besides getting stuck in doors you'll feel like a total badass.  

Happy Wednesday! I'm 7 days down fully raw and loving it. Except when I really wanted thai food last night. This time around I don't really care to much about what I can't have. Usually my mind is always fighting against me and I feel like I'm dying but this time around It just feels easy. Maybe that means I picked the perfect time to challenge myself? I hope your goals are staying strong as well!