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Happy New Years... 5 days late! We have been in bed, watching Netflix fighting off an awful bug. I have been taking every natural remedy I can get my hands on. Yesterday I started feeling better but unfortunately my sweet hubs got what I had. So now it's my turn to shove honey and garlic down his throat! I'm not really one for drug store meds or to go the doctor so anything that's natural and safe for our bodies I am all for it. Hey, I actually even got dressed today! That's a Natural remedy win in my book!

 Now,  New Year Resolutions!! I know some people don't like them! But I love them! It's the perfect chance to start fresh and reflect on the person you are. 2014 was great but 2015 is going to blow it out of the water.

My biggest goal this new year is to go fully raw! I am nervous but really just excited. Going fully raw has been something I have wanted to do for years but wasn't ready. I've been raw on and off and every time I have felt amazing and have seen huge results in my body, not just physically either.  This is something I can wait to share with you but everyone who is in my life. Eating raw even if it is just one meal a day is so beneficial for your health. But more on all of this in future posts!

To be gentle with myself. I am so hard on myself and I want this to be the year I mature out of that.

Not just to workout more, but to find how I enjoy working out. If that means I become a yoga instructor than so be it.. haha just kidding but really, the biggest reason why goals fail is because they are to broad or they are unrealistic. If I said I was going to run a half marathon this year, I wouldn't. I hate running so I would set myself up to fail. But if I make a goal to workout 3 times a week that is much more realistic and overall will help me find what I like.

To take more pictures in any and every way. Last year was awesome for my business, it grew and grew and grew and I can't wait to see what comes in this next year. I recently found this photographer in Finland who is so inspiring. Her work is raw, real and unscripted. As much as a love to pose a cute couple I want to somehow create images that happen on their own. I want them to be moments that I happen to walk into. So I'm not sure how this will happen, but I'm excited to reach out to some people and learn.

Lastly, not to cut off my hair. because hashtag girlproblems.

If you haven't made any goals yet, today is the perfect day to start! The key is to know yourself so your goals are realistic. You can't fail if you set yourself up for success and if you do fail all you have to do is get back up and keep going.
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