Q & A - You are what you eat::

I've been getting a lot of questions on social media/emails asking more about our lifestyle. These are only a few because I didn't want to overwhelm one blog post so ill be doing these more often. If you have a question feel free to email at koleimpressions@gmail.com or comment!

Disclaimer: I believe in Honesty! In this post I'm chatting numbers and share my life with you and my opinions. I trust you'll honor my honesty and not take it offensively. Not everything I say will work for you but my hope is that you are able to take some of this information and apply it to your life in some way or another. This year is full of huge changes for us. We have been working hard to live the way we do over the past few years by making little changes here and there. I hope you don't think we have it all together because we certainly laugh at ourselves everyday.

Has eating raw made grocery shopping more expensive?
This all depends on what your budget is. Our budget has always been right around $150-$200 a week.  Some weeks we only spend $150 and some weeks its right up there at the $200 mark. I know a family of 3 who try to only spend $200 a MONTH on groceries. You spend money on what has value to you. Health & Food is a huge part of our lives. Austin went to culinary school and loves to try new things in the kitchen. I am extremely passionate about health and always have been. I might have never shared it on social media, but Ive always been on the verge of vegan/ raw/ what should I do type thing since I was a little girl. So in our lives eating raw is not more expensive because we know what our budget is and we stick to it. I have learned this year that if we are out of 1 thing, I don't need to run to the store and get it. I can wait until next week. We also don't eat at fast food restaurants, that slowly adds up to so much money. Our budget includes the eating out costs we would be spending. We do still like to have date nights and eat out at restaurants. We love trying new places and its really not that hard to find something for me to eat when we go out.

How often do you grocery shop?
In November we started shopping every week. We were doing every other week, but to be honest we would run to the store in-between and we were spending way to much money. We shop at 3 stores. Costco for nuts, organic spinach, chicken for Austin, organic bulk seeds and at times some fruit. We shop at Sprouts, which I could go on about how much I hate sprouts with a passion but I still shop there so I can't. I try my best to only shop for organic at Sprouts because its a bit cheaper than Whole Foods. I don't like to buy non-organic there because I feel like they don't have integrity but that's my opinion.  I get my leafy greens and most of my other veggies their as well as bananas, citrus and coconuts. My last stop is Whole Foods where I get Apples, whatever on sale in their fruit section , all of my Bulk items like dates, nutritional yeast, nut butters, grains for Austin. I also get almond milk, 365 brand broths, beans and anything else on my list. We usually only go to Costco every 2-3 weeks and it depends on what we have in our fridge if I'm running to Sprouts and Whole Foods. I'm always double checking prices between all the stores to make sure I am getting the best deals to stick to our budget.

Does your husband have significantly different diet? Does he eat a lot of meat?
Yes and No. Austin eats meat and cooked veggies but he's also totally down to eat a raw meal. He eats really clean as well. So for dinner its Chicken with veggies. He rarely eats red meat and if he does its more for a special dish he's really wanting. He's perfectly fine with snacking on fruit whenever and snacking on nut butters. Majority of the time he will eat Chicken every night but if we are out or if that's not what I wanted to make for dinner he's perfectly fine with eating vegetarian that night.

 Disclaimer: Austin grew up eating very differently. When we first met I almost never ate around him because I was slightly embarrassed of how different we ate. He also thought I was just some hippy. As our relationship grew and I actually got to explain to him you literally are what you eat and he did his first detox and juice cleanse and he started wanting to eat better. Over time we took a huge interest in what is good for you, what makes his body feel alive and cared more about how we both ate. I'll be very real with you. The most complaints I've gotten in emails/social media is my husband eats so different than I do so I can't eat better because of him... Well to be honest, YOU CAN! If it is important to you all you have to do is start! Start eating one meal different a day, experiment with new recipes, have him try them. Actually learn why eating that specific item is good for you and share your knowledge with him. When you start looking and feeling insanely better he will eventually catch on or you will just become that really hot wife with that guy lol...

Has prepping meals and cooking a ton ruined your free time/flooded your schedule?
Time is intimidating. We never have enough time in the day right? This question is hard for me to answer because I'm thinking about how everyone has a different schedule. For me, it has not. I am extremely blessed at this time in my life to work from home. But please don't let that discourage you. I've said it before and ill say it again and again. Preparation is KEY! So if you are working full time in an office you will just have to prepare in different ways. Instead of watching Netflix or show on the couch try doing it in the kitchen while you prep. While I've been making new recipes and prepping Ive been listening to Podcasts on my iPhone- talk about game changer. I feel so inspired while listening to Kris Vallotton while preparing our dinners. Also, Austin drinks  a protein shake for lunch everyday. I recently found a completely RAW protein that I can now have for lunch or breakfast to replace some of our grocery bill. It's a super easy prep and gives us more time together in the morning instead of making a lunch. (If you want more information about that email me.) My last little answer to this question is we are blessed with friends who care about their health and eat in similar ways. We do have friends who think we are crazy and don't think twice about what they eat because its not what they put value in. If you don't have friends or family in your life who will value what you are doing find a blog! Search the blogging community or google for health food bloggers. Fully Raw Kristina is my biggest inspiration. Her heart is pure gold and her feed looks delicious. I don't eat exactly how she does but when I look through her feed I know I'm not alone and I feel inspired to keep going! I feel like we have found the secret to life! Eat Alive Stay Alive!

Thank you for taking the time to ask me questions and read through this post. I hope you feel inspired in some way. Even if you start eating one raw meal a day you will start to see a huge difference in your life, mind and body! Also I used the word Value a lot in this post. Please know that I don't mean it in a negative way if you don't value what I do. Some people value working out more than eating or a creative art more than me. I don't judge anyone for what they value I encourage people to find something they value in their lives and focus on it.

Enjoy your hump day!

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