My plan was to answer all the questions I've been getting on Instagram/Facebook lately about eating raw but that will be tomorrows post so STAY TUNED! I wanted to start a little series on this ole blog about what we have been using lately. There are so many amazing products out there and I'm sure passionate about specific ones. Also this gives you a peek into our every day lives.

Ive been a long time believer in Dry Brushing. Have you ever heard of it? I use to Dry Brush on the regular and then once we moved a bunch and downsized I threw mine away. For Austin birthday this past year I got us both one and I'm so happy we are dry brushing again! Dry Brushing has incredible benefits. These I have had seen and witness personally or else I wouldn't share them.

Dry Brushing

Stimulates your Lymphatic system

. In short your lymphatic system gets rid of waste throughout your whole body. Whenever we start to get sick I always remind Austin to dry brush because your getting all those toxins moving and stimulating your lymph to keep moving.


with dry brushing

reduces cellulite

. We all have it and I have seen a HUGE decrease in cellulite by dry brushing. It's getting those fat cells/waste to get moving and over time break down.

Dry Brushing helps with


and is used to support your

digestive system

. Because you are Brushing and getting all of those toxins moving you are cleansing your body and

reducing stress


 - you dry brush in the shower starting at your feet. You brush up towards your heart in a circular motion.


: Im a huge believer in oils!We've been using DiGize, Purification & Stress Away the most lately.

I have an over all sensitive digestive system and Austin use to have a stomach made of iron until we cleansed him of junk food and now his stomach craves health so when we are bad to our stomach's they fight back if you know what I mean. DiGize is a life savor. Its an oil blend that is made up of oils that are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. You can take Digize for an upset stomach, nausea, parasites pretty much if your stomach hurts or is upset at all you can digest 1-3 drops of Digze in a shot of water a day. You can also apply it topical to your abdomen.

I blend Purification oil in creams like

Egyptian Cream


Bee Magic

. I use this one my face, any sore/cut and all of our tattoos.

We have been diffusing Stress Away and putting it on our necks and wrists. We both have a lot of exciting things on our plate but that can lead to a bit of tension at times so we are extra generous with this oil. 1-2 drops on write and neck will do. I mean generous because we will walk up to each other and be like here... let me put this on you lol. added bonus. It smells like HEAVEN.



wipes up there are in this pile because I truly LOVE them. They are the most refreshing face wipes I've ever used. They are pretty much made up of coconut water and you should go get some! They sell them at Whole Foods and are usually on sale.

Lastly is Water... my worst enemy.  I should be shunned for how horrible my intake of water is in the health community. This year I have made a water goal to myself. I will drink gradually more water every month and by the end of the year ill be a drinking water machine!

My two tips on how to up your water intake is to find a water bottle you love. Mine is a 69 cent water bottle I pick up at whole foods while I'm shopping. I love this thing, out of all the amazing expensive water bottles out there I'll go back to this one every time. So find yourself a water bottle you love ( because it totally matters!) an start filling it up 3 times a day! Sometimes I won't even hit my 3 bottle a day intake and before bed Austin will make me drink all the water and I hate it.

Second, Infuse your water. If you have some left over citrus you know is starting to go bad or your not going to get to, throw it in your water before you got to sleep so you can have some REAL NATURAL FLAVOR to your water.

So if you have a water problem like me just start somewhere because you can do it!