The winter blues is a real thing, Its a real thing when it comes to style as well. I'm calling it Winter-Frump. I have no clue whats going on up there in those photos ^ definitely something I would think twice about again. Sometimes my style gets lots in the same big oversize sweater that I wear around the house.  Have you ever had that happen? There are multiple times I come downstairs dressed in something and Austin gives me a funny look and then I look in the mirror and I go back upstairs and try again. So this year I'm trying to do something new with my closet. I have so many clothes that I NEVER wear, its sad. Clothes that I spent valuable money on. Most of them were for my old job but I'm going to make myself love my wardrobe. I'm going to be working on a little project of mixing Professional/ Chill/ Colorado wardrobe together without looking like a total mess. Each week ill set out 8 ( 1 extra to have more options) shirts on my adorable clothing rack and if they aren't warn and loved well then I will put them in the donate pile and clear all the clutter in my too full closet. The best part is, I can still wear other items I own,  I'll be mixing with layers and patterns from my other clothes and trying to really get out of my over sized frump-ness.  The one rule is, the clothes hanging up have to be in that mixed layering every day that week or else they get dumped. Wish me luck because ill sure need it!

Old picture but same concept.