Fun Fact

We believe in Jesus Christ as the King of Kings. He is the reason we live life so abundantly and beautifully. It is by his grace and blood that we were saved and that we walk in such divine beauty! Thats pretty much it.

One question we tend to get a lot is... "oh so your religious?" and we've actually learned to love it.

No, we are not religious. All Jesus wants is a relationship.  Christianity these days has a pretty bad rep. not only has it turned into "working" your way into heaven but a bunch of judgmental, condemning people who speak in the name of Jesus.

And boy does that break our hearts.... Jesus is a father to the fatherless a husband to the windowed and a lover of all. His love covers us all and his presence surrounds us with so much good. It is through him we can live life fully and not have to put up with sickness, depression or the harsh harsh world we live in.
Stephanie PollockComment