My 17 year old self

would completely make fun of my 22 year old self. buttttt my 22 year old self also makes fun of my 17 year old self often. So I guess we will call it fair. I found this denim dress last week and after cutting off a ton offf because I'm scissor happy I like it so much better. I mostly bought it because  the low back... its a dream. I love it! My 17 year old self would not approve of wearing a denim dress in public and Austin still doesn't approve of me wearing this in public but I'm pregnant and I can do what I want haha. It's crazy how I feel like I'm eating so clean and working out everyday but still my stomach is getting a little bit bigger each week. (that picture up there is 2/3 food baby and 1/3 real baby) Sometimes after I eat I just look in the mirror and feel way more pregnant than I am and then keep asking Austin if I'm fat and he keeps saying stephanie your growing our baby you look great. Happy almost Friday I'm especially excited for this weekend!

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