now you see it / now you don't

*now you see it now you don't! or maybe you don't see it at alllll! But I do!

It has been so fun to pray for the little one inside me every day. Life can be stressful with all of its curves and stones. It's really comforting when I picture him/her all cuddled up with the holy spirit being overwhelmed with Gods love. I think the biggest thing I've prayed is protection from my emotions! Cause girl can be crazy at times haha. It's been neat though, It's always been really easy for me to pray for others and see God do extraordinary things in their lives and very hard for my own. Except if doctors gave me negative news then I was all over that shit with the word of God. Lately, I've been overwhelmed with an awareness that I've always craved for. It's opened up a whole new chapter for me and Jesus. An overwhelming feeling of his love every time I think of our little one. It's wrecked me in a lot of ways and I'm so thankful. 

Well, I as going to give you some sham about how I'm trying to wear all my favorite pieces before they just sit in my closet but I like this much better. Happy Hump day friends.