Plant babies! Im so proud of all of our little babies! Ha but of course if I was left to take care of them they would all be dead. Austin has a green thumb. The greenest of greens might I add. Usually for little holidays (valentines day, easter, etc) we celebrate by going to our favorite cacti store in Manitou Springs and pick out a new plant baby. Thanks to Austin they are all still alive and growing. This past weekend we repotted all of them and I don't think we will have to do it for a long time theres not an in-between size so some of the pots were a little to big but we went with it! (probably so against plant etiquette) The only one we have left to repot is the big palm we just bought. I'm naming him Steve and I'm on the hunt for the peeeeerfect basket to put him in.  When we were in California we introduced some plant babies to my brothers and surprisingly they are still alive. I'm such a proud little obsessed plant mom that says the word" plant babies" way to much for a normal human being.  Anyways this is what we did last weekend + napping and brunching. I'm thinking about doing a few more posts about projects we have going around the house here on this blog. But I also just like to take close up pictures of arms to show off our tattoos. So call me selfish but my husband has a nice wrist! *wink wink